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Hi my name Vanessa. I am one of the bloggers behind this travel blog of Guardianwingstravel.com. I started this blog because I like to give information about different destinations in the world to people who are about to travel there or who just want to learn more about that country.

This blog is also available on blogger, Guardianwingstravel.com where you can search, compare & book amazing flights and travel packages.

My blogs will be entertaining and interesting.all world seasons


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5 Amazing Places to Visit Before they Disappear

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to be talking about 5 amazing places to visit before it vanishes in a few years time.

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  1. Maldives- This famous tourist destination is disappearing in a few years’ time because of global warming. Global warming is melting the ice caps.maldives-262511_640
  2. Olympia, Greece- This was the birth place of the Olympics. Olympia is at risk because of the increased wildfires caused by hot temperatures.greece-106226_1280


3. Venice, Italy- Rising sea level is the cause for this places to disappear. So this suggests there is regularly flooding in this beautiful city. venice-1606938_1280

4. Taj Mahal in Agra, India- This iconic monument will not be there in a few years time. This is because of years of bad pollution makes the monument to erode and this could lead to it to collapse.taj-mahal-1379273_1280

  • Australia’s Great Barrier Reef- Fast being bleached by increased water temperature and water pollution.ocean-662376_1280


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Simple Guide About London

Why visit London?

London is a big and popular city with famous museums, buildings and art galleries. London is also one the most popular international cities in the world with different businesses and cultures.


Top things to see and do in London 

  1. Shakespeare’s globe: A big part of England’s history, The theatre is open roofed so it is better to visit this place in the summer. Entrance fee is about £14.


2. Trafalgar Square: This is the centre of London and the famous Nelson’s Column is also located there.


3. The London Dungeon: This place covers the gruesome history of London. Ticket prices are around £25 at the door and online around £19.

4.St Paul’s Cathedral: Inside this astonishing monument it has beautiful mosaics and stone carvings. You can also climb to the Golden Gallery for remarkable views of London. Visiting this is way cheaper than entering the London Eye with the similar view of London.


5. Visit the Buckingham Palace: You can only visit the inside of Buckingham Palace during the summer.


6.Visit a variety of museums: London museums are all free. From the Natural history museum to the National Gallery.



7. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament: They have tours but you have to get here early because the lines can get very long.


  • Adults: £25.50
  • (over 60s, students, members of the UK Armed Forces): £21
  • Children (5-15 years): £11
  • Children (under 5): Free, but will require a ticket for admission


Shopping in London

The city most famous shopping street is Oxford Street. Oxford street offers its exciting mix of high street fashion and International brands, technology, home and furniture.


Getting around in London

Before you visit London get an Oyster card, this will help you save money on transport. How to use it first you load the card up with money and then you swipe.


Difficulty in Finding Wifi in London

Finding wifi access is a pain but it is improving. Chains like Starbucks, Pret a Manger and McDonalds offers free wifi to their customers, and there are a many more other places that offers wifi. You can check this website to check which places in London that offers free wifi http://www.timeout.com/london/things-to-do/where-to-find-free-wi-fi-in-london-9

Plan your London trip

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10 Tips for Travelling in Italy

Hey everyone,

Today I will be talking about 10 tips for travelling in Italy. Italy is a really enjoyable and interesting destination to go to and if you follow this tips, then your travel will be more enjoyable and safer.


Picture of the Colosseum, in Rome, the capital of Italy
  1. Don’t let anyone help you put your luggage on the train or take it off. Mostly this is a scam.
  1. Always carry cash with you when you’re travelling in Italy. Most places in Italy will not accept your debit card or credit card for smaller purchases.
  1. Leave expensive valuables like your Rolex watch at home. This is because jewellery attracts thieves and scammers that you have money.
  1. When you want to explore Italy carry a copy of your passport. Leave the original locked in your room safe or somewhere hidden elsewhere in the room.
  1. Call your bank before you leave the country. This is because of extra charges.


  1. Don’t forget to bring a copy of your health insurance card.
  1. Wear appropriate clothing and don’t show much skin. This is because if you would like to enter churches they like you to be dressed up sensible and appropriate.
  1. Don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses and caps because the weather in Italy is hot.


  1. As soon as you arrive in Italy unlock your phone and put in an Italian SIM card. (Italian SIM cards are not expensive).
  1. When you want a taxi to pick you up, you have to call the taxi. You can’t wave at them at the street and expect them to stop like in New York.


I hope you like this blog post, the following posts I will be talking more in detail about Italy. This is just the introduction

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